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Multiple Moms – A Question!

Quick personal post here!

Do you dress your kids alike for picture day at school?  My twins are in preschool and they are having picture day this week.  Normally I don’t dress them alike (I have nothing against it, but they wear different size clothing and their personalities are SO different so they don’t like the same things – cars and trucks versus aliens and dinosaurs, you know!  lol).  But I was thinking that I might so they’d coordinate.  We are having them taken together, as well as individually, so I thought it might be cute to match them up, since it’s not something we usually do with them.

Good idea or cheesy?


19 Responses to Multiple Moms – A Question!

  • Tamara says:

    If you generally do not dress them similarly, then I definitely would!! My twins are now 8. If you don’t do it some, you might regret it later as the chances become less and less as they get older. I love when they coordinate, but aren’t in the exact same thing.

  • Sybil says:

    I’m not a mom of multiples, but I do have multiple girls. I don’t dress them alike, but similarly for picture days and special occasions. First day of schools they both wore ruffly pastel tops with floral skirts, completely different cuts due to their body shapes but they looked nice together and separately.

  • Sariah says:

    I dress the boys alike sometimes, but not all the time. I think it would be cute! I agree with Tamara… if you don’t do it now you may never get the chance. Maybe do matching outfits in different colors. Like a red shirt and blue shirt with overalls or something. Can’t wait to hear what you decide!

  • Jean says:

    Take it from a twin, me! When I look back at my school pics its nice to see us dressed up alike. We are identical but it didn’t happen all the time. Mainly because they couldn’t tell us apart. So I think while your kids are still young, later they are not going to want to dress alike, go for it! Hugs Jean

  • Amanda says:

    Coming from the other side! I am a twin and we HATED being dressed alike! We are not identical and would trade clothes with our friends as young as 4! But we also didn’t have that twin relationship I’ve always heard about. And I wonder if my mom would have had better taste, not 80’s taste :) we may have been ok with her choices. BUT being a mom of girls 4,3,2 I do love to dress them alike for family photos!

  • Melissa Deming says:

    I dress the boys in coordinating outfits usually for special occassions. So, I’ll buy the same shirt, but in two different colors. That way, they are still distinct from each other. My twins are identical and I find that helps everyone else out as well!

  • jaydensmama says:

    I would definitely dress them alike, not the mother of multiples but thought I would throw my 2 cents in here lol

  • Nikki says:

    My girls are 18 months apart and I dress them alike. Only because my cousin has older twin girls and she gives me their clothes as they outgrow them, so there is always 2 of everything.

    So no I don’t think it is cheesy!!!

  • Ashley says:

    I am a mother of twin 1 year old boys…I always dress them alike when I can. They look completely different (one is a redhead & one is a brunette) & are different sizes so most people are shocked they are twins…but I love to either match or have them in the same style shirt but diff colors…

  • Gardenqueen says:

    Cheesey, always. Let them be people in relation to themselves, not others.

  • Rachel Foster says:

    Definitely dress them alike since you don’t do it regularly. It’s not cheesy at all, except to those judgmental folks with an individuality complex. I doubt you’re trying to make them into carbon copy robots. A little coordinating never hurt anyone. I’m sorry if I sound snippy but as the mother of twins who certainly did dress her children alike for photos and other special events when they were younger I take issue with the comment above. As if dressing them alike on occasion keeps them from being who they are.

  • Annette says:

    I say dress them alike or similar. In a photo of all of you it looks best if everyone has on the same color tones and stuff. Make the photo more uniform and in the individual photos if you put them on the walls it would look pleasing to the eye. My boys aren’t twins but have always had similuar clothing and when we would go somewhere, I would dress them similuar so we could tell they were ours. Now that they are teenagers they will still choose same clothes on their own, which is quite funny but not planned. It doesn’t change who they are individually. So go ahead and do it.

  • Ellie says:

    Thanks for all of the opinions, everyone!

    We ended up dressing them similarly, but not totally alike. However, they came home with a note saying that there was a misunderstanding between the school and the photo company, so picture day is rescheduled for the end of November! LOL Oh well! We’ll try again then. Thanks again for your thoughts on the matter!

    :D Ellie

  • HelenClyde says:

    I have four children, two boys and two girls. The girls actually do love being dressed alike, and on special events, like weddings or birthdays, I get the best photos from that! The boys – twins, 2 years old and not very much alike – are usually dressed in whatever is clean enough to be worn, but when there´s a special occasion, I like to dress them alike, too.

    A good compromise is using similar stuff, like buying the same jacket or sweater, but in two different colurs. That looks sweet, too.

  • Jen says:

    I know I am very late to answer this, but in the future:
    We color coordinate, but everyone has their own clothing/style.

  • Happy Scrap Girl says:

    I don’t have twins, but my girls are very close in age. I do dress them alike (or at least similar colors) because I want the pictures to match on my wall, LOL!! I had pictures up for 6 months that had one girl in a Red holiday dress and the other in purple summer dress – it was terrible, LOL! Now they always coordinate :-)

  • inbaliya says:

    I know it is late but for the future-
    I think it is good for the memory to dress them similar but not at the same thing.
    I wonder- what did you do?

    Love your blog, keep writing!
    Inbal (oowl)

  • ANA says:

    Hi, I have triplets (girls). At school they told me never to dress them alike. They say they should have their own personalities so they should live like three different persons, not like one big group.

  • Wendi says:

    I dress my kindergarten twin girls coordinating for many family pictures. For school photos, in the future I will try to coordinate (including my 2 sons). The clothing colors in the pictures from this year don’t look good together!

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