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Swirly Sentiments Freebie

Just a quick little post to say, “Hey guys, I survived the summer!”  Haha  The kids are back in school and I am getting back into my designing groove, so hopefully my blog won’t be quite so dead anymore.   :D

And I have these sweet little sentiments, in case you want something like that.  They’d be really cute on greeting cards, maybe?  Anyway, just click to download if you want them!


Have a great week!   ;)

Caper Mini Freebie

Just click the image below to download the minikit!


Thanks for stopping by!   :)

Hope for Brady Blog Train

Guess what?  April is Autism Awareness month!   :D  As most of you know by now, I have two little boys with autism.  They are all kinds of wonderful, but they have several delays and need therapies to help them along.  We have been very lucky and have been able to get the therapies and other help that our boys need, but there are lots of families out there who need a little help.   Michelle of 4MyBabies Scraps started a blog train to help raise funds to donate to the Son Rise Program, to help children with autism, and I am happy to participate in the blog train this year.  :D

You can start the blog train HERE, if you haven’t already.  Otherwise, you should be coming to my blog from Kamilla Design.

Here’s is my contribution, a set of 10 happy doodles!  Just click the image to download.

Now head on over to Cinnamon Scraps for her part!   :D

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

Inspired by Spring Freebie

Hello, digi friends!  I actually have something new in the shop (and a freebie for you here, and another one in my next newsletter if you are subscribed), so I will post about that all first and then get on to the rambling that only some of you are interested in!  lol

My new kit is called Inspired by Spring, because it was inspired by Spring :eyeroll: and also because it was late at night when I finished it and my creativity was seriously waning.  But I think it’s a pretty cute kit, despite that.  You can get it in my personal shop and it’s 25% off through March 16.  Just click the image to check it out:


And here’s a matching freebie for you.  Just click the image to download:



Hello Again & Christmas Tags

Well, I had planned to take the summer off to enjoy with my family and ended up taking autumn off, too!   :lol:  We had a great time, though, and now the kids are back in school, Thanksgiving is over (Boohoo!  It’s my favorite holiday of the year!), and Christmas is fast approaching.  Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?  I’m about halfway done with mine.

This year my kids know about Christmas.  Last year they were vaguely aware of it, but it wasn’t a big deal.  This year it’s a big deal and they know about presents now, too!  Speaking of presents, I made some printable gift tags.  Just click the image to download.

Hope you’re having a great season!   :D

August DSC Blog Train

Welcome to the August DSC Blog Train!  You are probably coming from Down This Road Designs’ blog, but if not and you want to start from the beginning, just head over to the DSC Blog Train Blog.

Here is my part of the train.  Just click the image to download.

Now head on over to Fran B’s blog for her part!

Thanks for stopping by!   :D

Birthday & Freebie Friday

April is a birthday filled month in my family, so I’ve had birthdays on the brain these last few weeks.

Just click the image below to download the freebie!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you’re having a great week!

Autism Awareness Day

As some of you may know, I have twin boys.  This is Luke.


He is loud and crazy and roll-around-in-the-dirt fun.  He has more energy than 10 puppies and the strength of a gorilla.  He LOVES anything by Disney/Pixar and is attached by the fingertips to my iPod Touch.  His favorite food is white cheddar rice cakes (I know he didn’t get that from me!  lol) and he has a frighteningly deep obsession with 20th Century Fox (the logo! the fanfare! the searchlights! oh my!).

This is my other son, Adam.


Adam is sweet and gentle and loves anything with wheels.  He is very concerned with everyone’s feelings and is so empathic that he cries whenever anyone else is sad or upset.  He LOVES the Wonder Pets and his favorite “character” is the Fly Boat.  LOL

I just wanted to take a minute and show off my boys – both of whom are dealing with the challenges of autism, but are otherwise normal, healthy, lovely children.  Autism is quite prevalent these days and most people know someone who is autistic or has an autistic child.  Jodi and I made this kit to celebrate those people/kids/families.  We’re giving it away FREE and we made the colors slightly more useable than the usual primary-colored autism kits so that you’ll be able to use it to scrap all kinds of things!

Just click the links below to download my part of the kit, then head over to Jodi’s blog to get her part.


Thank you super-duper-extra-much to Jodi’s creative team for the beautiful layouts!

Now head on over to Jodi’s blog for her part!   :D

Freebie Friday: Sentiment

Just a quick post today for Freebie Friday.  I decided to do a card sentiment!  I need to make a few cards with this and send them out to some people I’m really thankful for.   ;)

As always, just click to download…

Have a happy weekend!

Freebie Friday: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I don’t know why, but I’ve had rainbows on the brain lately.  Then this morning I came across this video and just completely fell in love with it!

That really, really made me homesick for Hawaii!   :cry:

Anyway, it also made me think about doing a rainbow for St Patrick’s Day, so that’s what today’s freebie is.  Hope you enjoy, just click to download.

Have a great weekend!   :D

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