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Flower Stamps


Hey guys!  Happy New Year (almost)!  While I really enjoyed the holidays and time spent with family I am really looking forward to the new year and getting back to a normal schedule around here.  I’ve been working on a little something different and I’m not sure how I feel about them yet, but I’m leaning toward the positive.  I drew these flowers in Illustrator and I really did have a lot of fun with them.  I hope you like them, too!  Flower Stamps {CU} come as AI, EPS, CSH, ABR & PNG.

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New Winter CU

DSD was last weekend and I had all kinds of good intentions of getting new products into my shop, but then things happened (like Halloween, and costumes that turned out to be more complicated than I expected, and sick kids, and life, basically) so my shop didn’t have anything new over the weekend.  I know, embarrassing!  In the year that I was away from designing my priorities shifted and I’m having a bit of a hard time (okay, a really hard time! lol) finding time to fit everything in.  But I did manage to get some of the things I was working on finished and they are now in the shop and 60% off through the 6th.


Thanks for stopping by!  If you haven’t already, check out the post below for a little freebie!  Have a great week.

Sugar Girls DSD Blog Hop!

Hello and welcome!  Just click the image to download!

So, I’m back.  :)  It’s been a year and while I did enjoy my time away I found myself really longing to design again.  I guess I just can’t stop.  lol  Anyway, so I am at Sugar Hill Co (of course, I don’t think I could ever imagine selling anywhere else!) and all of my products are 40% off through the end of September.  Everything is new!


I won’t be bringing my old products back to SHCO, but you can still find them at my personal shop HERE.

I’m having one of those weeks where I’m constantly behind schedule and am desperately playing catch up, but I do have a freebie in the works, so be sure and check back in a day or two for that.

Retired Designs

Hi guys!  I’ve been getting quite a few emails about where you can find my designs now, but there isn’t any place since I’ve retired.  :D  Well, until now.  I decided to finally go ahead and put all of my retired stuff in my personal store at a discounted price, so if you missed something you can get it there now.  (Check the link in the menu above.)

I am still not designing, though!  lol  I am enjoying my time with my family (and away from the computer), so there won’t be anything new, just the stuff I had over at Sugar Hill.  :D  It’s taking me forever to get everything listed, so some of the categories are still empty, but they’ll fill up over the next couple of weeks.

I hope you all are having a great New Year!

Oops! One More!

I completely forgot I had these!  If you want them, be sure to pick them up by the end of September 30, since I will be closing my shop and they won’t be available any longer.  With my 70% off sale going on, they are just $1.80!


Retiring Everything, Buy My Store & 70% Off

Yes, it’s true.  :(  I am retiring all of my products, closing my shop and taking a break.  A looooong break.  Possibly a permanent break.  I don’t want to say I’ll never come back to designing (never say never!), but if I do it will be a long time from now and with all new products.  So my shop at SHCO is on super sale — 70% off — and I’m also doing a $75 Buy My Store deal if there is more than $75 worth of stuff you want to buy.  So be sure to pick up what you want before the end of September!  :D


I love Sugar Hill, and Tina is the ABSOLUTE BEST store owner I have ever worked with, so if I ever do return to designing, that’s where you’ll find me!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the sale or my products!

A Bundle of Mad


I have a few things in the works and am hoping to finish them within the next week or two, but for now I have a few new things that I am calling the “Mad Bundle”.  It started with Mad Science and kind of grew from there, but I think my Cutie Monsters (in the previous post) match pretty well with these, too!


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SHCO 3rd Birthday CU Blog Train

Hey guys!  It’s Sugar Hill’s 3rd birthday (yay!!!) and I’m so excited to be a part of the CU birthday blog train.  Just click the image below to download my part.  I hope you enjoy my little monsters.

You should have come here from Wendy Page (if not, just click the “previous” button below to go there) and Melissa Bennett is next (click the “next” button).  If you want to go to the beginning and start from there click the pink “SUGARHILLCO Blog Train” below.  :)

I also have a new pack of Autumn Swirls and they are 60% off right now, just like the rest of my shop!



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New Summer CU



I have a few new things out this week.  Actually, more than a few, but they were all just sitting on my computer half finished for several months until I finally got around to completing them this week.  Finally!  :)  They are 20-30% off through Sunday, May 12th.










thatgirl_hawaiianluau_patsOkay, that’s it!  lol  Thanks for looking!